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Enhancement request: Autofill container file name with tablespace name


In the old Quest Central for DB2 tool, when you right click on a tablespace and choose Create Like, you can enter the new tablespace name and the container file name would be $TSNAME.dbf. Once you click on the Build Script button, the container name will be automatically become the tablespaceName.dbf, eg. test.dbf.

In Toad, it doesn’t do that anymore. I would like to request that feature described above in Quest Central be added into TOAD for DB2.



You are correct, Toad DB2 currently does not automatically include $TSNAME variable in the container name during a create like tablespace.
Currently in Toad DB2 you will have to type over the container name.
I have opened CR 79562 for this request.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you Jeff!