Enhancement request: explicitly recreate PK index on table drop/recreate

If you use Toad to extract the DDL for a table and include related indexes, it does not include DDL to explicitly recreate the primary key index. Also, if a table is dropped/recreated in Toad, the DDL to recreate the PK index is not included. The PK index is implicitly recreated when the PK is added to the table, but you lose any special settings you may have had on the index, like clustering, % free, allow reverse scans, etc. Can Toad be changed to include the DDL to recreate the PK index when a table is dropped/recreated? Note that QC for DB2 does include the DDL for the PK index in these situations.

Jim Frentress
Principal Financial Group

Jim –

The problems you are reporting were fixed in our 4.6.2 release, which is
scheduled to be released on 5/10.

We will announce the release when it is available.

Thank you

Jeff Positano

Senior Software Developer | Quest Software Smart Systems Management |