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Enhancement request


When right-clicking on table for compare object, it will bring you to the object comparison wizard. It can be used to generate script to synchronize the target object. However, the script generated doesn’t preserve the security that is in place on the target object (given permission is NOT included as part of the compare).

Could a new option be added for preserving the security access on the target object, similar to the option for preserving the data stored in the target object?



There is an option: “Include privileges” on “Customize Comparison” page


The “Include Privileges” option is merely for including privileges as part of the comparison. That’s not what I am looking for.

An example use case of what I am asking for here would be… say I have the same table in both Pilot and Production environments, but the security on them are different. I made a change to the pilot table. Later I want to compare the pilot table to the Production one, and then sync up the table structure but leave the existing security alone.

For changes that doesn’t require drop & recreate, security is not affected. However, if the changes require a drop & recreate, security is lost. So I want to request a feature to preserve the existing security on the object that is being dropped and recreated.



Is there an enhancement request number that I can use to track the progress of this while you guys are considering this feature?



I’ve opened enchancement CR79665 on this issue.


Thank you!