Error attempting schema compare on SQL 2012


I’m getting an error when trying to compare one of our SQL 2012 databases. Wondering if anyone has seen this, or has any idea how I can get Toad to really ignore the permissions.

I’m using version I dont see any weird roles defined, or assigned to any of the users. In my compare options I do have Ignore Permissions selected.

heres the error:

Problem with load Permissions
Stack Trace:
at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoader6.Run(ICallBack callback) at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoadManager7.Loader.LoadModel(ICallBack callback)
at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoadManager`7.CreateInstance(ICallBack callback, SchemaSnapshot snapshot, ISingleModel model, OptionsStorage options)
at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.ModelLoad.ModelLoadServiceMSSQL.Create(ICallBack callback, SchemaSnapshot snapshot, ISingleModel model, OptionsStorage options)
at Quest.Schema.Common.Modules.SourcesLoader.SourcesLoaderModule.LoadModelFromSnapshot(ICallBack callback, SourceLoader source)
at Quest.Schema.Common.Modules.SourcesLoader.SourcesLoaderModule.SourceLoader.Run(ICallBack callback)

Not supported permission type detected
Stack Trace:
at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.Interfaces.Utils.Converters.GetDatabasePermission(String value)
at Quest.Shared.Memorizing.ObjectCache2.GetValue(TKey key) at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.ModelLoad.LoadModel.Declarations.Process.IdLoaders.IdPermissionActionLoader.GetId(DataReader1 reader, LoadContext context)
at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.Declarations.ObjectLoaders.CommonObjectLoaderWithExtension5.LoadObject(DataReader1 reader, TLoadContext context, ParentSearchContext1 searchContext) at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.Declarations.ObjectLoaders.CommonObjectLoaderBase5.LoadObjects(ICanceling cancel, DataReader1 reader, TLoadContext context) at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoader6.Run(ICallBack callback)

thank you for the post. I’ve created CR108300 for this, but I’m looking for your support with funder investigation of this issue since I can’t reproduce this in-house. In the next 6.0 beta drop you will be able to proceed comparison while the problem should be caught in Schema Compare messages panel.
Would you be able to send me a list of messages in this case?

Yes I can do that. Do you know when that Beta will be available?

Seems this issue is fixed. See announce of the next beta drop. We are targeting to the beginning of the next week.

Hi Arlie,

new beta 229 is available for downloads, feel free to grab your copy at

looking forward for your confirmation.

I downloaded the latest Beta, and confirmed I am able to successfully complete the compare of my SQL 2012 database.

Thank you all!!

Now your turn - to provide any feedback about Schema Compare :)))
Please check out one-to-many compare capability available in the Beta, hope this might be interesting to you.