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Compare Schema - ERROR: Select command denied to user 'xxxx'@'yyyyy' for table 'db' Quest.Compare.Schema.MySQL.DBModel

I am so thrilled to have found Toad and this forum!!!

First, a disclaimer: I am a novice at DB administration and everything I know is self taught through forums just like this one. That learning is out of necessity, but thank God I enjoy a challenge! My question may be “basic” and I apologize to the experts that may find my inquiry frustratingly simple. I have searched the forum and couldn’t find the answer and thus, finally asking for help.

My Experience Level with Toad: maybe 6 hours of use
My DB Admin Skill Level: Novice
Version of Toad:
Toad Feature I am have issues with: Compare Schema
**Error being encountered: **Select command denied to user ‘xxxx’@‘yyyyy’ for table ‘db’ Quest.Compare.Schema.MySQL.DBModel
Prior to posting I made sure (using Toad)…

  1. I have successfully connected to each of the DBs for which I am trying to compare the schemas for.
  2. I have been able to successfully run queries against each of the targeted DBs.
  3. I have verified the stored user name and password for each connection.
  4. I have verified that the UID has select authority for each of the DBs. Actually, the UID has all permissions.
  5. I have verified that remote connection is authorized for the UID on each DB.
  6. I have reviewed the list of tables within each of the target DBs… neither has a table named ‘db’.
    I also reviewed the “How to create multi-schema comparison” posted within the forum but that didn’t help. As soon as I execute the compare, Toad returns the stated error. I suspect this is something truly simple and elementary but I, as I mentioned, I am a novice and would truly appreciate any guidance from anyone willing to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave,

you talk about TOAD :

This forum is for Toad for SQL Server and now the last version is 6.1 not 7.2 .

Probably you have post question in a wrong forum.

You must post your question in…/default.aspx - forums about Toad for MySQL server.

Best regards,


Thanks Sergio. My apologies! I’ll post in the MySQl forum.

Hi Dave,


No problem for the post in SQL Server forums.

Have a good day.