Error ORA-01741 when editing table (F4)

Good day
I have the toad test v13.1 and I can not edit (modify, delete, insert) records from the description window (F4) ... I receive the message ORA-01741: invalid length identifier zero

Should it be some additional configuration or is it an error?
Thank you

Good night

I have installed version (Toad (64b) Windows 10 (64b)) and the problem continues.

I have been able to see that the problem occurs when editing the table belonging to a schema like this:

If the scheme is a running sentence, it does not give problems:

I await your comments.

Thank you

Sorry, I must have not seen your original message a year ago. Please feel free to give us a nudge if a question ever goes unanswered here. I try to not let that happen.

I can reproduce the problem and have logged it in our bug-tracking system.

I will have it fixed soon in the beta, which you can get here: Toad for Oracle 15.0 Beta

Thanks for answering, I always had problems and I only had to solve them via commands (Update, Insert, etc.)
Good that it is already mapped to be corrected.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Note: I described another possible error in the following link and I do not know if they have read it, I pass it to them in case they consider it important.
Option problem: Desktop SQL o PLSQL

By the way, a workaround that you can use for editing table data:

Assuming you are logged in as the table owner....
Go here and remove the schema name from the SQL. Then you should be able to edit data in the grid.

Excellent thank you very much !!