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error running scrips via sqlplus in toad 11.6.x.x

i am executing the below script in TOAD 11.6.X.X version via SQL plus(11.5 works fine).

The below code errors out saying “ora-00922 missing or invalid option set serveroutput on”

set serverout on

set pagesize 0

set linesize 1000

spool x:\abc\abc.test

select 1 as cols from dual

union all

select 2 as cols from dual;

spool off

Please help

Try this:set serveroutput on size 123456;

and this will work in all Oracle Home versions and toads…

I am sorry, but I actually get the same error if I use that command you’ve put there.

set serveroutput on size 123456; ??

I also get the same error for

set linesize 4096;

Again, if I run this from older version or Oracle Developer then the SQL runs fine.