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Error while exporting entities and relationship in Excel



In TDM, I am using export to excel option to have all the tables, columns and relationship details in excel.

While exporting I am getting below error message, at the same time TDM exported the information excel.

Error Message: Unknow run time error
Callstack: “ExportExcelManager” from package “Toad Data Modeler”

Please advise how to get rid of this error message.

Thanks !!!Export to Excel - Error Screensnap.pdf (183.9 KB)


Hello raaj,
unfortunately we are not able to reproduce it.
Can you try theses:

  1. Check if Excel process is not running by Windows Task Manager. If yes please close all excel processes.
  2. Try to generate to another new file.
  3. Is it occurs in other models or only in this one? If only if this one try to localize problem object by insert this debug log to script before row 794 in script(It will produce messages to message explorer).
    var Log = System.CreateObject("Log");

    Log.Information("objType: "+Obj.ObjectType+", ObjName: "+Obj.Name+", subObjType: "+
      SubObj.ObjectType+", subObjName: "+SubObj.Name+"------PropName: "+
      Definition[0][j]+",  PropVal: "+PropVal+",  isModifiedValue: "+Definition[2][j]);
  1. If you can provide to us your model to test, you can send it to email:



Thanks Daril

I tried to generate excel report by closing other excels. It worked. No error message now.