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Errors while installing trial of Toad 12.12


I’ve just downloaded the trial of Toad and am trying to install it. But it fails with “This package installation failed because of a unknown error.” If I expand the ‘More information’ section, it says:

CachePackageComplete returned event status code: [0x80070570].
ToadForOracle_Trial_12.12.0.39_x64_En.msi returned error code: [0x80070570], Package returned error message: [Https Error: mismatch the file IDs or the file services unreachable].

I cleaned out the “%ProgramData%\Package Cache” and “%TEMP%” directories and tried again but I get the same error.

The machine I’m installing on is Windows 7 Professional x64 and has 8gigs of RAM. I tried running it by right-clicking the .exe and ‘Run as administrator’ as well; same error.

The below block is from the installer log and include the only errors I found:

[1CD4:11C8][2018-03-30T11:48:23]i000: ThreadID:[1]:EventName:[RegisterComplete] Status=[0x0]
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:23]i000: ThreadID:[10]:EventName:[CacheBegin]
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:23]i000: ThreadID:[10]:EventName:[CachePackageBegin] PackageId=[ToadForOracle_Trial_12.12.0.39_x64_En.msi]
[1CD4:1CAC][2018-03-30T11:48:24]e000: Error 0x80070570: Failed to extract all files from container, erf: 1:4:0
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]e000: Error 0x80070570: Failed to begin and wait for operation.
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]e000: Error 0x80070570: Failed to extract payload: a2 from container: WixAttachedContainer
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]e312: Failed to extract payloads from container: WixAttachedContainer to working path: C:\dload\TOAD\toad-for-oracle-2017-64-bit-trial-administrator-installer_2017-r2.exe, error: 0x80070570.
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]i000: ThreadID:[10]:EventName:[CachePackageComplete] Result=[None]
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]i000: ThreadID:[10]:EventName:[Error]
[1CD4:14A8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]i000: ThreadID:[10]:EventName:[CacheComplete] Status=[0x80070570]
[1CD4:11C8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]e000: Error 0x80070570: Failed while caching, aborting execution.
[1CD4:11C8][2018-03-30T11:48:24]i000: ThreadID:[1]:EventName:[UnregisterBegin]



I’m wondering of the install package got corrupted somehow… have you tried downloading the installer again?


Yes, I’ve downloaded it three times from two different computers and the install fails with the same error. I just found a knowledge base article about it and have raised a support case in order to get an MSI instead of EXE installer.


OK, great, just checking. Be interested to hear if MSI helped you in this case.


Yep, it did. I was able to install from the MSI with no problem.