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ER's on the Toad login screen while in 'Tabbed by User' view style


Submitting this ER on behalf of customer. SR 2813611.

Customer has over 250 saved connections. His Toad login screen is in ‘Tabbed by User’ view style so he has over 250 Tabs being displayed. Due to the amount of saved connections he has, it is hard to look or spot a particular saved connection Tab. Customer would like to submit the ER’s below.

  1. In the Toad login screen (while in ‘Tabbed by User’ view), add capability so that when the user types the first few letters of the user/schema name in the ‘User / Schema:’ field box, have Toad auto select or highlight the saved connection Tab for it on the left panel.

  2. In the Toad login screen (while in ‘Tabbed by User’ view), set a different Color or heavily Bold the currently selected or active saved connection Tab so that it visibly stands out and can be easily spotted by the eye. Right now, it’s hard to spot or see the selected saved connection Tab, especially when a Tab line moves to the bottom when it’s clicked.

  3. With customer’s over 250 saved connection Tabs being displayed, it no longer fits the Toad login screen, and there is NO scroll bars. Please add scroll bars so that user can scroll up and down on his saved connection Tabs.


Bolding will make the text wider, so the number of items in each row would change as some of them are bolded/unbolded. I think it would look a bit chaotic. And I think for people who just come in there and start typing in the user/schema box without the intent of using it as a filter might get annoyed by that.

So, for 13.2, I’ll add the ability to rt-click and type in a filter. Non-matches will just drop away as you type.

I can’t add a scrollbar there, unfortunately.

With this many saved connections, it’s probably best to just use the grid without the tabs. You can sort, filter, and incremental search in the grid. It should take no more than a couple of seconds to find what you are looking for, regardless of the number of items in the grid.

Try this - Click where I’ve circled, type a few letters of the user you want, space bar to check it and filter the grid, esc to close the dialog.

And/Or try one of these to hide connections that you haven’t connected to in a while.

Click column header to sort. Click in the column then start typing to incremental search