Execute as Script - Named Data Grids?

I’m running 4 statements as a script so that I can get 4 sets of results and view them in the Grids at the bottom. Is there a way of naming each of these grids (as part of the script) so I can easily relate them to the query I have run?

What I want to do is send someone my script, get them to run it in TOAD and for them to see the results of the 4 queries easily at the bottom opf the screen. I’d like an Empty grid for no rows as well - just so its clear no rows were returned.

or this:



I use TTitle in my scripts and when run using F5 the tabs of each grid show whatever I had for TTITLE.
TTITLE ‘chart_1’
select * from dual;

TTITLE ‘Chart_2’
select sysdate from dual;