Execute Toad script from MS Access

I would like to launch a toad script from MS Access. The script would call a Toad Stored procedure or SQL that would create a table. This table would be used by MS Access to create reports/pivot Tables/etc. Our company does not allow ODBC access to oracle whatsoever period. My hope would be to launch a script from Access that calls a toad procedure that gets data from Oracle and creates a table on my local drive. In summary MS Access => Toad =>Oracle. Can this be done?

Thanks in advance for the help

Without knowing specific details, it is possible to accomplish your request. One way is to create a Toad Automation Script that grabs data from one of your tables and pushes the data to a new table or some other format. That Automation Script can be scheduled (via the Windows Task Scheduler on the Windows box where Toad exists) or you can execuute the same via a command line that can be called by another app.