Minor usage issue

Hi. Today I exported two datasets to an Access database. I’d like to
recommend one small change. When I went to export the second dataset and had the
option selected to “Create tables in MDB File” when the file exists,
I still got the dialog warning me that the “file already exists, do you
want to overwrite”. This made me unsure if the other option would be
honored. Turns out it was, but in this case, can the generic overwrite warning
be suppressed?

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Michael S. Zarzycki, MTS | Manager of Engineering IT | Sensata Technologies,
Inc. | voice: 508-236-1015 | fax: 508-236-3701 | www.sensata.com | The World
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Thanks Mike. This should be fixed next beta.

Is there a way to convert an MDB (MS Access database) to Oracle tables using

Toad has an import wizard (not to be confused with oracle import) that allows
loading data from other sources – including from Excel and Access.

Yes, but it’s not completely automatic.

The Toad’s ‘create table’ dialog has a ‘import
columns’ feature where you can pull the column names and types from your
MS Access file. Since MS Access data types don’t match up exactly with
Oracle’s, you may need to tweak them a little.

Toad also has an ‘import table data’ feature that can pull data from
an Access table and insert it into Oracle. It’s a pretty easy process but
not completely automatic. You need to pick the table names and choose some
settings. If the field names match up exactly (or even pretty close) that makes
it much easier.