execution time of procedure or a package in toad???

How would i find the execution time of Package or a procedure …

when i right click on procedure and then select execute procedure, it executes saying the pl/SQL procedure successfully completed ....But how would i know, how long it took to run the procedure....???

I m looking for something similar to the elapsed time in sql plus…when you run a procedure it gives you an execution time …

Thank you so much!!

You want to check out my favorite feature, the Profiler.


It looks we cannot find out the execution time with toad for procedures or for a package …

Any thoughts on this thread!!!

Thank you!!

It looks we cannot find out the execution time with toad for procedures or
for a package ...

Well… I can’t say how to get the time from a right-click on the
browser. I really don’t know.

However, if you type in “exec ” in the editor then
hit F5, you’ll get the run time on the little information bar.

Roger S.

Or additionally, add the following command prior to your “exec” call:-

Set timing on

It’s the easy way I get a client side measure of the time the call to a
procedure took. Of course, as previously mentioned, the profiler is much
better, and measures things on the server side rather than the client


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If you bring up your SP/function in schema browser and right-click and try to execute the same, you would get a window like below (my example takes 2 params and it is a function):

RetVal varchar2(200);

V_NPA := ‘425’;
V_NXX := ‘742’;

RetVal := LERG1.GET_RC ( V_NPA, V_NXX );

If you cut/paste this in your Toad Editor window and bulk execute (icon saying “Execute as Script”), it would give the execution time, just like a normal sql execution.

Hope this helps