i have a question how can i calculate the time of excution for ref cursor procedure when i saw the result in the grid i cant find how much it takes to retrieve data

please help me

We’ll assume you’re on a semi-recent version of Toad and that you executed this in the Editor.

On the bottom pane, where your Data Grid tab is, you may have a tab called “Query Viewer” that may provide the timing you are looking for. If it’s not there, right-click on the Data Grid tab label and make sure it has a check next to it on the dropdown that appears.

Let us know if this is what you’re looking for.


This Solution calculate the query time of a select statment or any query my problem is when i go package - excute package - output options - print out and load


look at the attached image i want the ref cursor generated grid i want to calculate its time

find the attchment
Pictures2013-11-21_15-40_Set Parameters.jpeg

how much it takes to retrieve data

Whenever you are talking about timing, use any kind of profiler.

Toad has a very nice one (www.toadworld.com/.../using-the-pl-sql-profiler-amp-debugger.aspx)


Damir Vadas