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Export Data Dictionary to CSV/Excel?

Is there a feature (or script) that can create and export a data dictionary to Excel or CSV file?

Basically I want a report for tables (table name, description); and a report for columns (names, data types, keys, descriptions, etc).

Thanks. Jake

There is a major new feature coming in the next version where not only will you be able to get sucha report - but you’ll be able to make edits (and mass edits) in it and put it back. So you’ll be able to use Excel for making modeling changes. I think there’s a way to do it as a report only right now - but I wnated to mention the upcoming new capability since it’s great.

Hi Jake,

as Bert writes, MS Excel export/import feature is available in the next TDM version 5.2. At the moment you can test this feature in TDM Beta.

In current TDM 5.1 you can select Model | Generate Report | Reports - XSL Transformation. There you can select only Entities CSV template.

Regards, Vladka