Export dataset with XMLTYPE column

I have a table with an XMLTYPE column and it contains 3 others virtual columns which use an xmlquery operation on the xmltype column.
I am unable to export the dataset of query to insert format, however both CLOB and XMLTYPE are unchecked and Virtual cols is checked in "Columns to exclude" list. Toad shows the following popup: "All columns were excluded from table XLS_STYLES. There is nothing to export from this table. "

If I use an alias what differs from the original name of xmltype column then Toad generates the Insert statements.

As you probably know, you can't insert into virtual columns. Toad automatically excludes them from insert statements.

Are you trying to export just the XMLTYPE and CLOB into insert statements?

Can you send me your table DDL so I can try to reproduce it?

Yes, I know. For virtual cols exclude option was default OFF, and I checked all of them. The only column type what left was XMLTYPE.
I send you the script of table and some sample data .

Fixed in Toad for Oracle 13.3 Beta