Column Missing From Toad Excel Export

Hi, I am exporting from Toad into Excel and one of the columns that’s in the dataset is missing from the excel file. Any ideas as to why this issue might occur / how to resolve would be greatly appreciated.


There is a “columns to exclude” dropdown in the export dataset dialog. By default it excludes CLOBs and other large/exotic datatypes. Check that. If that’s not it, I’ll need some details.

It’s not that. The column that I am trying to export is unchecked in “columns to exclude” dropdown.

The column name and its corresponding datatype are unchecked?

Ok looks like it was the corresponding data type that was checked. Didn’t realize that. Thanks for your help!

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Can I know where do I go to unchecked the corresponding data type?
I having the same issue, I have 7 columns but only export 6 columns. Thank you!

Is the missing column or datatype checked here?