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Export of Data Compare Results Issue

Why is it that whenever I export the results of a data compare to Excel that in every cell, instead of displaying the data that should be there all you see is #VALUE! - kinda makes the whole exporting of results rather useless… Am I doing something wrong or is this a flaw in Data Point?


Hello! We are looking into this issue right now. We would like to know what type of connection you are using, as well as the datatype of the columns that are giving the #VALUE! message.

Okay, it looks like we just reproduced the issue.

Have you been saving the file as an xslx file? Because it seems to be a bug while exporting to that filetype, while it does not appear in xls, so try that.

I will make a CR about this for xlsx.

I don’t see where I have any options when I click the export to excel button - just goes to .xlsx by default…

I got around the problem by opening my Excel and setting the default file type to be .xls.

Good to see you got around the issue! You also should be able to select the file type when in the dialog.