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Export still writing to log 4 hours after data is exported

I have an automated job that exports a large file (1.2 Gb). The file is already there and is complete took about 1/2 hour to query and write out the file. The job has not moved on to the next step because it is still writing to the log file over 4 hours later. It is logging the update messages in 5000 row increments of how much has been exported. Why is it so far behind and logging so slow? It is 10 million rows written to the file and it is only up to 5 million rows logged. I don’t want to wait for what I estimate will be 4 more hours to finish. Help! I am using TDA 3.1.1

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It sounds like you have logging set to Verbose. Change it to basic and it should only log at the beginning and end of the export.


P.S. I assume you are exporting to csv and not excel. Excel is not very effecient with large files.