Export wizard and bind variables - TDP 4.2

Can variables be used in the export wizard as part of a loop? In previous versions of TDP I used the loop with a select to file activity, but I used an excel macro workbook - I always just changed the xlsx to xlsm in the file path and it allowed me to use the file. Now in TDP 4.2 the file path reverts back to xlsx and I can’t seem to get an export template to work with the variable.


you should be able use variable in both activities. If I understand right you are using variable as extension of file and replace it during export. I tried export to xlsm in Select to file (also in Export Wizard) without problem. I didn’t try it with loop activity but I believe this shouldn’t affect result if you always change only extension of file.

Can you prepare for me some sample automation so I can play with it?


Filip I tried it did allow we to set xlsm file but as soon as I moved from one activity to another it switched the extension to xlsx. i entered QAT-10781 for this. We never intentionally supported xlsm files in select to file.

Sorry, let me explain. There are 2 things going on here. I would like to use a bind variable in the where clause and use a loop for the export. I will set up a script with this and try again. The 2nd issue was using a select to file task with an xlsm file. When I attempted the export wizard with the loop in order to export to the xlsm file it didn’t accept the variable. Then I tried to go back to how I used to do the loop, which was in a select to file activity, but 4.2 would not allow me to export to xlsm. I guess if the select to file activity was never meant to accept xlsm, then that is fine, but I would like to get the loop to work with the export activity and bind variable.