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Exporting Data To Excel Network Share Folder

I have a query that returns 239,000+ rows. When I try to export it to a shared folder on our network I get the following error message and it stops exporting at 65535 rows.

what needs to be done to allow all rows to be exported?

Hi Bernie,

are you exporting into Excel?

can you please post here the error message. - as much information as possible.

Thank you.

With regards Jakub.

This sounds like an Excel limitation. What version of Excel are you using? Older versions have a 65535 row limitation but the newer versions will just create a new page when this row count is reached. I don’t exactly remember when Excel was upgraded to handle this, maybe Office 2012?


What Mark said. Old Excel can only handle 65K rows. Newer Excel can handle 1.2 Million rows. If you have an option of exporting to xls or xlsx, choose xlsx.

Thanks Mark, you are correct. I am using windows 2010, normally my files save as .xlsx but I must have somehow chosen .xls and it would not take the data. The query generates 239,000+ rows and normally it exports but because I saved it a .xls it would not save it. I have changed it back to .xlsx and it now exports.

okay, thanks for the update. Glad we could get that sorted out.


Hi Jakub, Yes it was excel that I was exporting to. I am new to this forum (1st Post), I used insert media to insert what I thought was a screen capture of the error message but this did not work. The insert point appears as a little square in the forum. Thanks for your assistance as it was a deficiency of excel (.xls vs .xlsx) that prevented the export.