What is the best way to export to excel if i have over 66,000 rows?

Do I need the latest version of excel for this? Or can I use “Linked Query to An Excel Instance”?

If you have Excel 2007 or later you do not have to worry about the old row limit of 65000. However, I do not recommend using Excel for that many rows. Exporting to CSV is much more effecient.


Does this mean Office has to be installed on your PC if you want to export the query result set to excel (which occurs by default if you click the send to report button)? I checked the version of our company and it’s Excel 2003. So we’re limited to 65000 rows?

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You do need Excel installed on your pc and we will use whatever version you have. So, if you have Excel 2003 you are stuck with the 65000 limit.

Do you have Access? This has a much larger limit. I am not sure if this is a possibility for you. If not, csv is still the way to go.


Thanks, we’ll use Access or csv files. No problem!