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Exporting multiple sql statements to excel sequentially



We have multiple reports that get ran via automation designer, but they keep timing out or just stopping randomly. We were thinking if Toad is attempting to run them all at the same time it could be causing the issue as they are large reports. Is there a way to update it so they will run one at a time and when one completes it can kick off the next without creating a new batch file and app for each report?


How do you have it set up?

In Toad’s automation designer, it you put several actions in one app, then run the app, it should run them sequentially.


Hi, I am using TOAD 13. Can you confirm that the actions in the automation designer run sequentially please? I have queries that run so quick they all seem to go to Run Status ‘Completed’ simultaneously. I want to make sure I can run queries in a set order. Thanks.


They are sequential. Try this:
Click Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen.
Then run your actions.
That will show you the queries as Toad runs them. You can be sure of the order that way.


Thanks jdorlon! Sorry to be pedantic - Can we say that the next action won’t start until the previous one completes, or is it that they just start running in the order in the app. The reason I ask is that the queries I’m running are so quick, that if I look at the execution log, the ‘Run Date’ is the same for many of the actions. Same minutes and seconds - we can’t see milliseconds. Thanks.


They are definitely running one at a time, from the top down. One doesn’t start until the previous one completes.


Brilliant. That makes life easy. Thanks :grinning::+1:


If actions running in the same second is causing any problems, you could make a shell execute action like the attached to wait one second, and put it in between each export: