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External Editor - SQL Server

Hey Everyone,

Previously, in another life, I used TOAD for Oracle...There was a feature within that allowed me to use an external editor in place of or instead of the internal editor.
Now, I realize that the internal TOAD editor is quite nice, but, us older techies kinda like our own editors sometimes.

I haven't been able to find it within the SQL SERVER editions...

Will it be included in future versions????


Hi Peter,
we have an option to launch an external applicatio with an argument in Tools / External Tools but I don't know about any option to edit scripts in an external application instead of Toad SQL Editor.
Which other editor do you want to use?

Hey Dan,

Thanks for getting back so quickly!
The editor isn't the question here, it is the function that TOAD for Oracle has or had.
There was an option to use an external editor, "Ctrl - F12" I believe after it was setup.
I think I have also seen talk about this in the TOAD Data Modeler as well.

I was just asking If it is available in the SQL Server version or in a newer version sometime.