Extracting schema data - turn off or speed up?

Each time I create, edit or open a data comparison, TDA is gathering information on the selected schema’s tables and columns. Since the database I am working with has a large structure (many tables with many columns…), this always takes a substantial amount of time.

Is there any way to prevent TDA from gathering the schema data all over again? If not, is there any way to speed this up on TDA level or on DB level?


Can you please tell us what is your use case?
How large is your database? i.e. number of tables and columns (in avarage)

Just want to add that if you work with Oracle - you definitely should try TDA 3.0 beta to see the difference. The issue with slow extract schema data on Oracle was fixed in 3.0


I’m not sure if this is going to help. There’s more than 1000 tables in the schema, many of which contain 50-100 columns.
There is nothing I can do about this, so I really need to be able to switch off or get around this gathering of details.
The DB structure changes very rarely, so in this case it would be useful to store (cache) it somewhere and update on demand.

FYI, I have tested the performance of scheme data gathering on TDA 3.0 vs. TDA 2.7 Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any performance improvement.

On the other hand, I have successfully tested replacement of the connection data in a .dcp file in a text editor, so at least I do not need to redefine the data comparison project in case I want to execute it on another environment.

Are there any plans to implement the following features in future versions of TDA?:

  1. change just the connections of a data comparison project, without redefining the comparison crietria
  2. switch off/cache the scheme data gathering during modification of a data comparison project

If not, please consider this as a suggestion for improvement. I am sure other clients who are working with multiple environments (e.g. test, production) and/or large schemes would appreciate this.