Performance tweaking

Are there ways to improve the load times within Toad for Data Analysis? One post asked something similar, but the focus of the question was specific to improving query performance. If we connect to a large schema, are there settings that would speed up TDA? For instance, if there are thousands of objects in a schema, TDA takes a long time to load the object palette once you establish the connection. I suppose you can control this by adding filters to prevent loading unnecessary objects. Are there other tweaks available?

What version are you using? We did a lot of performance tweaking on the load time of the object palette for version 1.1. Are you using this?

Yes, I am using version 1.1.

Hello, which RDBMS are you connecting to? (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, other?)

Would it be possible for you to capture the SQL being executed using our SQL Monitor utility (available here - ) ?

This would help us determine if queries retrieving objects are the cause of the slow performance.

Jacques Kilchoer
Quest Software

It is an Oracle back-end. I actually started this thread as a result of a customer inquiry. I’m passing the link to this discussion to the customer in the hopes they can address the specifics of the issues they’re experiencing. I was hoping there were options that could address some of these concerns, but I think we need the customer’s input for additional information.