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F5 fails to compile package body


I have a package body that compiles ok when I hit F9, or when I block the definition and press -

However, when I use F5 to compile the package body nothin happens:
no compile, no message, no output whatsoever.

I normally execute the compile using F5, because it’s part of a set of scripts that will (re-)build the entire environment.

I tried both Toad 11.6 and 12.1 but the problem occurs in both versions
and only with this specific source file. All other source files execute OK using F5.

Anybody happen to have an idea how to work around this issue?

Any and all ideas are welcome!

Abe Kornelis.

Ok - I just found the cause of the problem I described. The package contains a varchar literal with an embedded unicode character x’0004’ which is defined as end-of-transmission.

I’m baffled that F9 and - have no problems with that, while F5 does. Still, I think the execution being aborted by the embedded end-of-transmission character should either not care for characters embedded within literals, or it should report a proper error message.

Anyway - I removed the culprit character, and all works fine again.

Regards to you all,

Abe Kornelis.


maybe you should place before any script you want to run (without any interaction, like package is):

set define off;

set verify off;