F9 key behavior in Toad for SQL Server 6.1

Hello - One of the first things I noticed when I began using version 6.1 was the change in behavior in response to the F9 key. According to the release notes:

  • Toad recognizes and parses SQL more carefully and when you press F9 Toad now executes not all the statements in the current batch but exactly the selected statement. Write SQL as you are used to and do not be limited by necessity to use GO and etc. to separate statements. Toad will distinguish them for you
    Is there any setting in Options where the user can switch the behavior back to the way it worked before? In older versions it was very efficient to press F9 and know that all the statements between the GOs would be executed. With this new behavior it will be necessary to highlight the group of statements within the script to be executed and then press F5 or F9. Having to highlight chunks of code is very inefficient. In fact, the old behavior of the F9 key is one of the reasons I preferred Toad over SSMS.

In my Toad using default settings, F5 executes all statements within Go block. F9 will executes statement where I have my cursor placed. Is F5 not executing all statements for you?

F5 is executing all statements in the script - it ignores the GOs.

I see your point. I don’t see any settings in Options to revert back this behavior.

You can contact support team for further help:


If you would like to have the option of setting the F9 key to the way it used to behave, please click the up arrow for this issue that has been added to the Toad Idea Pond. Here is the link: