Shift F9


I have been using older version of TOAD for a while and it has Shift + F9 hotkey to execute the query that my cursor was on. I just installed TOAD for Data Analytics 3.0.1 and Shift + F9 does not work. How do I set this hotkey?


F9 is the hot key for executing statement at cursor. F5 is the hot key to execute the contents of the editor. You can change any of your hot keys in the options dialog window.

Go to Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard.


Thanks Debbie…

Unfortunately F9 tries to run the the whole SQL file v/s just the query my cursor is on. Not sure if that is a bug… I have version or Toad for Data Analysts

I don’t get that behavior. What database type are you connected to?

And what are you using as a statement separator? The statement separator is what is needed to use F9 as you described. If you don’t have a statement separator that the parser understands it will runn the whole script.

For example

select * from a;

select * from b;

select * from c;

The three statements above will work properly with F9. If you are connected to SQL Server you need to use ‘GO’ as the separator or semicolumn. I belive DB2 as a setting for this and will follow what you put in that setting.


I think that’s it… I don’t have a statement separator so it is treating as a script… in older verion of TOAD, I think there were two separate options (and hot keys) to execute statement and execute script

I tried with ; and it works… thanks…

PS: I am using Oracle DB