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Failure in Import Wizard


I’m using Import Wizard for years to create a new tables and never had an issue.
2 days ago I started to have an issue.
Usually I create a plain text file in notepad or etc. and then import it and get a table.
Now when I do the same the last line in a file get truncated.
E.g. I have a file:
When I import it … it displays only lines
I don’t see the line 768 and instead of it I see empty cell.
If I use char type it works but takes only those 2 rows, If I use int type it fails.
Not sure what happened … I tried to use simple Notepad or other editors. Same thing. I don’t think that someone updated Toad, it’s locally installed on my PC … maybe some Microsoft update or etc.
This is a big ‘pain’ for me and I can’t use Wizard anymore.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I am not sure of the cause however as a work around - you might want to create a new line in your notepad file after your last entry.
For example
Hit ‘Enter’ after 768 and then save the file.


Thanks for advice
I will try it


Well … it came to my mind … even if it’ll work I likely will stil have an issue because it might complain of having ‘null’ value where it should not be …
anyway … I’ll try and thank you .


I think Jeff has your answer. Field delimiters can be just about anything (commas, spaces, pipe character, semicolon, etc.) but end of row characters are almost always CR/LF (CarriageReturn/LineFeed) from the old typewriter days and they are hidden. If you did not hit the Enter key (CR in the old days) after the last line entry it did not put the CR and LF characters at the end or the row to tell the import you have reached the end of the row. The final row should have nothing on it, no spaces, no hidden CR/LF but it should be there and will be ignored for importing (well not really, it tells the import you have reach the end of the file as the row has no CR/LF).


I tried as you suggested I.e. I inserted two empty lines at the end of the file. Now when I use Wizard it works and I don’t see empty field as before.
I tried it with nvarch type and did not try with it yet.
Anyway I am unblocked now. Thanks for hint.
Btw: I am still curious why it happened because it worked for years and I did not change Toad and I tried various editors and etc.
my guess is some Windows update did it or something else. No clue

Thanks again