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Fatal Error When Trying to Import xls File

Every time I try to import this xls file, i get a fatal error that causes Toad to crash. Other xls files work fine. Also, if I Save As an xlsx file, it will import. If I Save As another xls, it still crashes. The file itself is ordinary from what I can see: 1 worksheet, 11 columns, ~10,000 records, no VBA, no macros. Any thoughts as to what causes this error?

I am not really sure why this is happening. Can you send me your file and we can check this out?

Thanks for the file. This is very reproducible. I entered QAT-1476 to investigate.

After some investigation, we found the file “CurrentInv.xls” is not supported because it is a very old version of Excel, If you open the file and do a “save as”, MS Excel indicates the opened file version in “save as type” combo box. It shows the file is Excel 95. we only support Excel 97 and later versions. Please save the file as newer Excel version or even copy/paste the content to a new Excel workbook and try again.

Hope this helps.