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Feature: Display dependencies of objects to other objects

Talking about Schema browser/Describe window.

For packages there is “Deps (Uses)” and “Deps (Used By)”, but for objects there is only “Dependencies” which only shows the references to the current object.

Would it be possible to implement the other direction too? dba_dependencies should contain the necessary information.

In the following example, referenced_type shows that referencing_type depends on it, but referencing_type does not display this information.

CREATE TYPE referenced_type AS OBJECT (
val NUMBER(1)

CREATE TYPE referencing_type AS OBJECT (
ref referenced_type

Yes, and it would be nice to have this more consistent with SB-Packages anyway. I’ll take a look at this tomorrow.

Looks good, thank you.

I’ve got a lot of objects, but none of them references a ‘TYPE BODY’.
Can you think of a case where “Deps (Used By) | Body” ever displays anything?

That’s a good point! I don’t think there ever will be - and the same for Package Bodies.

I’ll make the change so that we don’t have a Body section under Deps Used By for both of these. It’s early enough in the beta cycle that we’ll get called out if we’re forgetting something.