Find/Replace closing my TOAD session

I am in a TOAD session and trying to use Find or Replace. When I do the session closes. I am using TOAD 9.0 and this was working yesterday.

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Please elaborate. In the Editor you are doing a find and replace and Toad is


Hi Michael.
That is exactly what is happening. Instead o giving me the dialogue box, TOAD closes down. If I select a word and Control-F it still closes. I can’t see anything in the options to explain this. I’m starting to think I need to re-install TOAD.

Go to View|Options|General and navigate to the folder identified by the
“Application data directory” control. Zip the user files folder within and email
it to me offline if you would. I’ll check it out.

Hi Micheal.

Yesterday afternoon I started getting strange results across a number of applications.
To get around this I reinstalled my copy of TOAD and it is now working as it should. I don’t know what the root cause was, but I was stuck with not being able to find or replace. I missed your email and the files have now been over-written.