Replace text option disappears

When I go to replace text (Ctrl+R) and click search (go step by step, string by string), the window disappears and I don't know how to replace the string.

Toad for Oracle Base (64-bit)
Windows 10 64b

Have you checked whether the window goes outside the desktop?

You can check this by doing the following right after the window disappears:

  • Press ALT-Space
    The Window menu opens (still invisible maybe)
    If the window menu of the main window appears, you're done. The Replace window is not invisible but not focused or even closed.
  • Press Enter
    The "Move" menu entry is selected.
  • Press a cursor key
    The Window gets "attached" to the mouse cursor.
  • Move your mouse
    The Window will follow your mouse movement.

Hola Carlos,

Check this box: When you don't have that checked, the "Replace" window closes as soon as you press "Find Next" or "Replace".


I thought it was Toad's problem, it turned out to be my problem.... jajajajajja

As always, thank you very much John!

Well, to be fair -

The wording on that checkbox is not very helpful, even to native English speakers. I think I'll be changing it.

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