Find/Replace in Files not working

Using Toad Workbook 6.2 - am trying to search all workbooks that reference a specific SQL table. I created a TWF file as a test that has only this table in it, but this Find feature doesn't find it.

Is there an option I need to select or am I mis-understanding how this is supposed to work?


I'm assuming that you are using the Find/Replace in Files underneath the Edit pull-down menu, yes?

In playing with this feature recently, it appears that this capability was really meant to find patterns in readable files. Problem is (I believe) that the queries within .TWF files are not in the clear, so Find/Replace won't find instances of object references or other parts of your queries embedded in those files. I'll notify PM to take a closer look at the feasibility of your use case, as it is certainly a valid one, IMHO.

BTW, the results of the FIND get displayed either in the Output panel (when choosing Find All) or separate Editor doc tabs when choosing Mark All).

Here's a few examples that might help.

Finding all mentions of "movie" in readable scripts:

Finding all mentions of "Dim" within TWF files:
(Note that the pattern was found, but not in the actual queries, which are not in the clear)

Marking all mentions of "Dim" in TWF files:
(Again, readable forms of the pattern are found and bookmarked in the Editor doc tabs,
but not in the unreadable queries embedded in these files)

Gary - thanks for the explanation. You are correct - I'm trying to search unreadable SQL queries in the TWF files. This would be a great enhancement if it's possible.

So noted and requested... have to hear from R&D team to see if it's feasible. Crossing my fingers for you. :wink: