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I am done with toad for good!

What the heck is wrong with this app. it is crashing all the time. I worked on a Cross Database query for hours. When I went to save it, Toad locked up an crashed! I lost an entire days worth of work. I am done. No more. RIP you ugly toad!

Sorry that you are having issues. Just making sure you have the Professional edition when you're trying to do your cross-join queries. We have had a few similar episodes from other customers, but they were trying to accomplish their cross-join queries within an older Base edition of Toad Data Point, which used an inferior data blending engine.

Hi, sorry to hear that. What version are you on?

Don't you think it would be good practice to save your files more regularly than that? It's kind of a standard approach to avoid losing so much.

That is just it. I was. But apparently the ‘saves’ where not taking, AND the back up file was set and it failed. There was no recovery file.

My company has a professional addition and site license. This is extremely frustrating. It happened again today, When I reopened the app after the crash there were no recovery files, not even a mention, and even though I had saved my work every 5 minutes all morning and just before the crash, ALL my work was lost again! I cannot find the query file anywhere, so I do not know where my saves are saving to.

Maybe I just don't know what I am doing. I am trying to create and maintain a Cross Connection query. When ever I do this the system creates this .twf (workflow) project. I just want to create a sql file and be able to retrieve it and reopen it to where I left off.

WOW! this is a nightmare. Who and how can I get help on this? Any suggestions?

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Couple suggestions...

If you haven't, please contact our Support organization so they can help you through this... maybe it's something subtle we're missing.

Secondly, you mention .twf files, so that tells me you're working with the Workbook IDE (skin) of Toad Data Point. If it's just a query you're saving, have you tried opening up the classic interface, and saving your cross-join query from there?

Hi, so you are using Toad Workbook? If you do, you should really just click this button once:
And the Ctrl + S saves it everytime - you should be able to see the progress bar when saving.
If not, something is wrong.
However as Gary says, if you just want to work on one query, than maybe you just want a "standard" Toad Data Point where you would use Cross-Connection Query Builder or Editor and save your query from there. Workbook is meant rather for regular reporting and running the same scripts over and over.

Yes… I just figured that out. I was using ‘File’à New Editor à Cross Connection Query. This was always creating a workflow project. I could not figure out how to just get a Query. The I tripped upon a Video where someone just create Query in the editor and added in tables from multiple data bases. I did that and then switched over to query editor.

BTW.. I know what a Save button is and I was hitting it every few minutes, yet my saves were still not there when I re opened the file :frowning:

Can you elaborate on ‘Classic interface’? I am really green on Toad. No pun intended…

Sure. The Toad DataPoint Workbook interface allows you to save all of your queries, how they flow together, and other artifacts (like pivot tables off the queries, report output, etc.) in one "container" called a Toad Workbook File (.twf). The interface is shown in the first screen snapshot below.

The "Classic" Toad DataPoint interface is very similar to other Toad flavors (like Toad for SQL Server, Toad for DB2, etc.) and is shown in the second screen snap below. TDP Classic allows you to save your queries and other artifacts separately, as needed.

TDP Workbook Interface:

TDP Classic Interface:

May I suggest that you can contact your sales account manager, and s/he can schedule you for a complimentary one-hour with a product specialist?

Thanks. I prefer videos. I have a hard time scheduling things.

I figured this out. If I just start the query in the Query Builder and join across two DB Connections, I can them open in SQL Editor and continue. I find the Query Builders to be difficult to work in.