Fixes to Import Wizard when doing fixed width file import

  • Why is a *.fil file required for fixed width? Why is a *.txt file forced to delimited, when I would like to import a fixed width *.txt file? Sure, I can do the extra step of changing the file extension, but I do not see the value in forcing that step.
  • When selecting where I would like the column breaks, it would be nice if the font used to display data from the file was a fixed width font, like Courier. While the file properly assigns the column breaks, visually the data rows do not align, such that you just have to trust your analysis of the file structure and then confirm you picked the right break point by hovering the cursor over the cells to check the values.
  • Also running into weirdness where the wizard is not displaying data from the file, forcing a restart of the wizard. Note that my data file is only a few hundred rows, but each row is around 1800 characters.
  • I was allowed to indicate which columns to remove, but when I then moved on to mapping data columns into a table, many of the columns I had removed were still displayed in the drop down. I had used this feature without issue when mapping a delimited file into a table, so I assume it has something to do with the fixed with file handling.