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Format code of Views

The formatting of some elements has changed since 12.8, and ignores the options I was set in Options:

  • for create script of Views it aligns all aliases (for column and also for table references) to the same starting position, not just a space before and after the keyword “AS” /table alias- for parameter declarations in Procedures it doesn’t align mode and datatype to position “30”
  • also for variable declarations there isn’t any align
  • TYPE declarations there isn’t any align
  • Calling procedures with named parameters there isn’t any align, but the mode should be fixed, at offset “20”

My options looks correct for me. Thanks.

Hi Tamas,

The first item, column and table alignment, has been discussed multiple times in recent threads. Quoting: (and please read 12.9 as 12.10)

" This has been raised a few times in the last days. See or

We implemented a scheme to avoid such automatic changes in the future. During the next few days Toad 12.9 will have a formatter that formats the 12.8 way, with the option to enable the column/table alignment whenever you want it, later on.

If you can’t wait then you could temporarily overwrite the file qp5.dll by version 5.293 of that file which is the version shipped with Toad 12.8.
Please note that copying and using older components is only something that can be done per developer/support advice, as at times such operation could break your Toad. "

Your three other items: There should not be any change, so would you be so kind to send me concrete examples (with options file data) ?