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Formatter indents comment blocks too much


This relates to Toad for Oracle Beta12.12.0.7.

I have a large query with some comment blocks. The new formatter insists on pushing the comments to the far right:

I don't care much about small indents for comment blocks, as long as they align proper.
But in this case the comments are indented to the far right, exceeding the intended right margin by many positions.
As a result, I have to scroll to the right to be able to read my comments.

As you may note, the second block of comments starts with a proper block comment /**/ but that does not seem to solve the problem.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis

I guess I’ll cancel all my outstanding vacation requests … :slight_smile:


I do think we’re on the right track.
To my mind it’s just final tweaking that needs to be done.

Also, even though I may be a heavy user of the formatter,
I’m surely not the only one. Which is to say I’m aware I
cannot always have things my way :wink:

Let’s try to work it out and invite other users to
share their opinions…


Seriously, there are a few open issues about comments, in fact the comment logic needs a thorough review/rewrite. Cannot promise anything on the short term.



Pity, but I can live with it.
I do understand there are priorities and limited development time…

But how about the column aliases? That’s a bigger bother…