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Fromatter generates incorrect indentation


In the formatter I get incorrect indentation for a composite where clause whenever the keyword where is followed by a comment field. Example:

I would have expected the column names of the predicates to align...

My formatter settings are:


If you need any additional info, please let me know.

Abe Kornelis.


I must not have noticed this post, sorry for late answer.

The ‘and’ aligns with the select items (such as ‘stockno’), but the comment has wrapped ‘mon_code_start’ to the next line - which of course is not what we want.

Comment formatting has several flaws, and the whole logic is under rework. Unfortunately I can’t provide a quick fix.




no problem. We’ve lived with issues like this one for many moons.

Most important to me is, you’re actually working on it.

Thanks for the info & feedback.