Formatter Option for Inserting Newline for A Single JOIN?


Other than specifying a margin (which I prefer to leave at 999), is there a Formatter option that fully newlines a query with a single JOIN? This is what I mean:

I'd be OK with the "ON" indented as well, but I'm mostly interested in putting a newline before the INNER JOIN, like Formatter usually does with multiple JOINs.

Alternatively, this could be a bug in the parser where the Formatter newline/indents multiple JOINs but not a single JOIN. It is independent of the setting for Alignments -> DML statements -> Try to put very simple queries on a single line.



I’m keen to get an answer for this too. Is there a solution to this yet?

I’ll try to work on this in the next couple of weeks.



I added an DML option called “Always put a join on a new line” which will avoid JOIN and ON keywords to appear on the same line. (default value is unchecked)

Actually this was not a bug, it was rather by design, but everything is a matter of taste. Your suggestion made sense to me.

It will appear in on of the next Toads.