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I have a doubt regarding code indentation. It seems we can change the style of indentation according to us. I want clear view on it.

SELECT empname FROM employee WHERE empid=1

If I am using formatter it will indent as follows

SELECT empname

FROM employee

WHERE empid=1

But I want it to be happen as follows







I came to know this can be done by formatter, but I don’t have idea about it.

So I am requesting you people to help for the above


MG Sai Chander
Email Id :

Near the formatter options please select:

Alignments -> DML Statements -> Keywords LEFT aligned on own line

Hope this helps,


Hey [mention:5642d9e80729433eaed1dc5a8f2f2a12:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] , Thanks alot for answer. It helped me alot but i want help in certain areas like,

I want parameters to be in the next line with a tab space after JOIN statement also




Emp_personalInfo per


Emp_officalinfo off


per.Empid = off.Empid

I want parameters to be on next line after parenthesis like



Empid = 1



Empid = 2

AND Empname = “Sai”



Is it possible. If so how?

Eagerly waiting for your reply… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We did not design to wrap JOIN and ON clauses/subclauses on their own line the way you are showing, because they are subordinate to the FROM clause. Of course it could be done for this simple join, but then what if the join becomes more complex?

About the AND/OR, by selecting Stacked style in the AND-OR pane you can already get the following format:

     AND (Empid = 1
OR (Empid = 2
AND Empname = "Sai"))

So I’d understand that you would require an option to lay out the parentheses differently, a little bit as was done near the List Arrangements, correct? This would then result in what you are suggesting.

Yes, [mention:5642d9e80729433eaed1dc5a8f2f2a12:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] You clearly understood what was i suppose to know.

May I know is it possible. If not may i expect this features in next version.