Formatter places AS clauses on a separate line


This relates Beta of Toad for Oracle.

When formatting a query I find the AS clauses are placed on a line by themselves.
The reason why escapes me.

Here’s the query:
select case
when tf.timeframe = ‘FUTURE_KILL’ then oms.killdate
when oms.killdate <= current_timestamp then oms.killdate
else localtimestamp
as timestamp
from ehda.a_cscubusiness oms

The original is a lot bigger, but this is enough to show the problem:
the AS clause is indented to a position right after the preceding END keyword,
yet is placed on a separate line.

Would it be possible to have the AS clause on the same line as the END clause?
I prefer not to create too many lines, as that decreases the amount of code I can have on the screen,
If others prefer to do have the AS clause on a separate line, could this be made configurable, please?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis