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Formatting of parameters on execute immediate


I’m currently on Toad for Oracle Beta

I have an exception handler that is formatted as follows:
when others
execute immediate ‘begin
utl_krg.msg_log.standard_exception_handler(p_caller => :caller
, p_msg_code => :msg_code
, p_local_msg_prefix => :prefix
, p_message => :message
using in l_my_schema || ‘.’ || l_my_routine
, sqlcode
, ‘UTL’
, sqlerrm;
end msg_types_rbi;

The parameters are not aligned properly. This is due to the last three parms not having the ‘IN’ keyword explicitly specified.
also, when mixing IN and OUT parms, they do not align properly.

Any chance of getting this fixed, please?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis