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I did not see any way to search forum threads ?
Can anyone advise if there is such a feature ?


Login to yahoo groups via web browser – there you have options to set how
your account works (i.e. fewer emails) and the ability to search forums


I think you are on correct?

If so then at the very top right hand side there is a search box.



I’ll add that it’s buggy. I’ve experienced several occasions
where searching for something returns no results or that relevant results are
missing. I’ve posted a topic on the “Community Feedback”
forum, but I don’t even hear crickets on that forum anymore. I still find
the Yahoo Groups search more reliable.



Oh also when you are inside of a thread above the first post there is a search forum link too.

I don’t see that link on the main forum page and only see it once you drill into a post.



Thanks. The search somehow looked disconnected form the context of the forum, but now I know. :slight_smile: