Searching the forum

I am having difficulty searching the forum. I use the search box in the upper right of the page and enter the search term, ancestor, and search. Nothing is returned. There is a message posted today to the beta community with this text in it. Also there should be another message somewhere with the same text.

The best option when wanting to search the Forums is to use the Search link immediately above the forum display box (not the Search box in the upper right corner). The reason is that the global site search makes use of Google’s custom search engine and content must wait to be indexed by Google. The forum specific search however is realtime and will find all forum matches immediately.

New to these forums and I agree, searching is difficult. I only found the “Search Forum” link once I was viewing this thread! The general “Help” (available from the link on the far left, says I should be able to search just by going to the forums home page, entering a search criteria, selecting which forum to search, and voila. It ain’t so.

Is it a firefox incompatibility? [Currently using 3.5.11] I’ll revisit with another browser to test.

I’m ba-a-ack…and the song remains the same. [Only seeing the search function once I opened this thread.]

btw - this time I’m on IExploder 8.0.6001 (Used to be a fair rdbms version…)

I did notice that when I posted the last message, it looked like some type of google function was called. I wonder if the big search in the top right corner is supposed to work realtime with the forums…?

OK - the survey results are in. Posting a message triggers something, because the messages are immediately searchable from the big kahoona search box in the top right!