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I have been using Toad Data modeler freeware 32bit since Dec 2016. The 120 days limit is approaching and I’m trying to re-download as the site said -simply download. But am having difficulty, even though I have created an account with address, email, phone etc., updated my profile. When I complete the form to initiate the download, the submit button does not seem to work. It’s possible it is rejecting my PostalCode, but it was accepted on the account creation. I see various references to Toad, Quest and Dell and am confused as to what or how these fit together.

I am on a few data base forums and participate with design and draft models. The freeware edition of TDM is very adequate for my use, and I would like to re download the latest version before my current freeware expires. I am a retired data management person.

Any info to clarify the terminology, and especially for how to get this freeware download sorted would be most welcome.



Hello OrangeCat,

current freeware version 6.1.4 release in September 2016, has period 360 days. There are no newer freeware version now.

I tried download freeware version and there no problem for me. See screenshots bellow

  1. Go to Community Page of Toad Data Modeler and Click to download freeware versin link

  1. Fill form and click to submit

  1. Download



Thanks Daril. That is exactly what I was doing, but it was not accepting my Postal Code. (K0G1M0).

I have not included my phone number in the jpg.

I subsequently used 01000 as a code and the download went through successfully.

For other Canadian “downloaders”, you may want to use the 3 numerics in your PostalCode and add 00. It seems the download page wants only numeric characters.

Thanks again, Daril.

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