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Freeware Download location


My current version of freeware will run out in ~10 days. I’m trying to download the latest version but can not find the proper link. Can someone please direct me to the proper link for the freeware 32 bit community edition?
Thanks in advance


You should be able to download the freeware version from:


Thanks Jeff. I think I downloaded a full 64 bit version. It wasn’t the page you have provided, but did say I would have 30 day trial then revert to a free version.
I will uninstall what I did and go to the 32 bit version in your link. The page set up is different than it has been previously for explicit freeware download.

Thank you for the prompt assistance.


from version 6.4 there is only one 32/64-bit installer for trial/freeware version. When the trial key is expired TDM will switch to the freeware mode automatically.