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FTP dates on remote server show as UTC


In (no release yesterday?), my SFTP connection to a remote server brings back dates in UTC instead of local time. I fired up command-line SFTP on CygWin to the same server to verify that the dates on the same files are exactly what I thought they should be.

Not sure what more info to include, so lemme know.


I have had this same discussion before. I just put a file on an FTP server and through TOAD it shows as being created at 2:45pm, but in SFTP from AIX it shows as 8:45am. I was told “we display whatever FTP tells us”, so I have to assume that the OS is converting it from UTC to local time.

Interesting that we’re both going to AIX (v7.1 in my case).


It's definitely something with Toad..